Letter To All Mujahideens

November 28, 2008

Dear Brothers,

Over the last few months,people world over,especially in India have witnessed a surge in the number of fidayeen attacks,bomb blasts and other terrifying events that have claimed the lives of unsuspecting ordinary people,irrespective of caste,colour,nationality and RELIGION..While all these events have been aimed at instilling fear among ordinary people,there is still confusion regarding the motive of all these killings,as is evident from the words of Shadaullah-one of those fidayeens involved in the Mumbai Carnage of 26th November,2008..I have a number of queries for you.Can you please answer them?

1.What’s the motive behind all these terror activities?Activities that you perform in the name of jihad result in the killings of 1000s of innocent lives.Do you know how many families are destroyed,how many children are orphaned,how many dreams are shattered by your ruthless and brutal activities?All these undermine the basis of jihad and Islam itself.No one likes a religion that spreads hatred or terror and promotes violence against people following other religions which are just alternate ways of life.If one likes a religion and its principles,one should be free to profess his/her religion.God has never given right to anyone,whichever religion he may pursue,to end the lives of non-followers of that religion.Does Islam promote terrorism in the name of jihad?

2.All the activities that you perform ‘for the sake of’ your ‘community’ can never do any good for your community.Instead,on one hand,it diminishes the very foundation of your religion,on the other hand,it helps to instill a feeling of hatred for your community,for your religion from people from other walks of life.As a result,a backlash is inevitable.As a trailor,you can see even ordinary Muslim youths are suspected of such heinous activities and a handful of them are actually caught and eventually tortured by security personnel.It’s not the police or the law enforcement agencies,but it’s you..It’s YOU who should take responsibility for such sufferings of people of your community.Do you get it?

3.You say,you never kill innocent lives?But,what crime had that little schoolboy done who was killed alongwith 100s of other office-goers,women and children in those serial bomb-blasts as part of your ‘religious’ atrocities?Any answer on your hand?And,even if you say his only crime was he was a non-Muslim,then why did you kill Kazi Hidayatullah,the 24-year old poor waiter of Leopold Cafe,Mumbai?Do you really see religion while selecting your victims?Also,let me tell you one thing:-India has a Muslim population that exceeds that of Pakistan,Afghanistan and most of the other Islamic countries and they are not limited to any particular province but are distributed throughout the country.So,any bomb blast,any shooting,any massacre that you commit ‘for the sake of Islam’ is bound to cause equal or even greater harm to your community members.They will also be affected,they will also be killed.And,thinking in your line of thought,may I ask you one thing:Do you think Allah will reserve special spaces for you in heaven(as you claim to dream of) if you kill your brothers of the same religion,leave aside non-Islamic brothers?

4.If you say you don’t fear anybody,then why do you kill helpless,unarmed ordinary citizens who have gone out on their work to provide his family some food and water?Why do you kill a father who was filling his hungry little son’s empty stomach with his hard-earned rotis?If you really wish to give yourselves a final-do,then don’t just sneak in like a petty thief,you call yourselves lion-hearted jihadis,so “live like a lion” and declare “an open war”.Meet out at the battlefront,fight an open battle,whoever wins it-let it be open.No sneaky thief planting bombs in public places,no killing unsuspecting,innocent “masoom” lives-be brave,not a coward jihadi!..Do you have the guts in you to set out for an equal fight?..Else,how long will you play with the lives of 1000s of innocent people across the world?

5.As far as the Kashmir is concerned,you feel you have an issue-a ‘motive’ for committing crime.You scream,”Azadi!We want independance!”But,independance?Independance from what?Independance from whom?India is independant and so is Jammu & Kashmir-where everyone enjoys equal independance and independance holds the same meaning to every citizen of every state,from Kashmir to Kanyakumari,from Gujarat to Assam.Do the Kashmiris not enjoy as much freedom as a Delhiite or a Mumbaikar?Then,what’s the fuss about “independance” all about?

6.You kill people mercilessly-people complain about that..That’s no problem for you..Fine..But,why the hell do you ‘sacrifice’ your precious lives in all these operations?Life,whosoever it be of,is a gift from God/Allah meant to be enjoyed by everyone alike and it’s not meant to be ended so ruthlessly.Do you think Allah gets happy when anyone of us ends his life whatever be the cause?Don’t you think ending your life at your own will is an insult to Allah?Is life so cheap?Did Allah gift you His Special Creation- your life to be ended at your own free will,disrespecting Him?Isn’t Allah hurt by all these?

Please,brother,I am eagerly waiting for your reply..Take Care..

With regards,

Your loving brother.


Love:A Victim of Terrorism

November 29, 2008

She was all set to tie the knot next week.Now her world has fallen apart.Her dreams were shattered into pieces when her fiancee,Malayesh Banerjee fell to the ruthless bullets of one of those terrorists at Cafe Leopold’s in Colaba,South Mumbai on November 26,2008.

Yes,I am talking of Khushboo Jha who was all set to marry Malayesh on December 6 after a 7-year courtship.A 27-year-old IIT-Kharagpur graduate,Malayesh worked with a Mumbai-based firm;while Khushboo was in Delhi.On Wednesday night,Khushboo’s world came crashing down when she received a phone call from a friend,informing her of her sweetheart’s chilling,bitter death.

Malayesh along with two of his colleagues had gone to Cafe leopold’s for dinner,when firing broke out on the street outside.What happened after that is not clear.All his near ones know is that,at the end of it all,Malayesh was no more.Malayesh and Khushboo,who were supposed to wed in Ranchi,will never be together.The celebrations they had planned were all gunned down into grief and mourning.What was supposed to be the icing on the peak on December 6 couldn’t actually culminate in a dream ending.For,the dreams that they had seen together over these 7 years had quite prematurely been broken down into bits by the unscrupulous bullets of one AK-47 mercilessly operated by one cold-blooded criminal.

The following words is all I can say,on behalf of the Late Malayesh,to a devastated Khushboo:

In this lifetime or the next,

We shall be together.